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Advertisement:  Engin and Yusuf Emik are the managing directors of SkyHire GmbH, which specializes in recruitment for the IT, engineering, finance, sales and marketing departments. In this way, they support companies in securing lasting competitive advantages through targeted personnel management.


The shortage of skilled workers is putting many sectors under pressure. That’s how it does it. The skills gap has never been as pronounced as it is today. Many companies are desperately looking for qualified personnel. However, there is no sign of an improvement in this situation in the near future. Instead, the problems will become even more dramatic and the need for skilled workers will continue to rise. Companies that want to arm themselves for the future should therefore entrust the search for personnel to experienced experts, say Engin and Yusuf Emik.  You are a recruiter yourself and the managing directors of SkyHire GmbH.They know exactly the challenges that companies face today and therefore have made it their task to support companies in the IT, engineering, finance, sales and marketing departments in their search for personnel.

“The shortage of skilled workers is real, but there is a way to face it,” the experts at SkyHire GmbH explain.  They know the adjustment screws that need to be turned and therefore rely on targeted personnel management that ensures their customers great competitive advantages. They consider the assistance of experienced experts to be indispensable in order to position the company well in the future and to ensure solid growth.

With the holistic approach of SkyHire GmbH to great success for companies and specialists

In order to make the placement of suitable IT personnel particularly target-oriented, it ideally takes place on several levels. Engin and Yusuf Emik therefore work closely with the companies themselves on the one hand and place specialists directly for a suitable position on the other. This significantly speeds up applicant management. The success rate of this holistic approach speaks for itself.  “One thing, however, is indispensable when working with companies of all sizes – and that is a presence on the Internet,” explains Engin Emik from SkyHire GmbH. 


In order to bring together the right people with the right companies, the experts at SkyHire GmbH rely on advertising in social networks.  In doing so, they concentrate primarily on Xing and LinkedIn and present the companies there accordingly. At the same time, it also pays off for IT specialists to maintain well-maintained profiles on relevant industry platforms. “After all, as a recruiter, we know first-hand that the most promising career opportunities often arise through direct contact,” says Yusuf Emik. In addition, the experts proactively approach suitable candidates. To this end, they have already built up a network of specialists that they can fall back on when vacancies arise.Engin and Yusuf Emik thus offer a holistic approach that serves the needs of companies and professionals alike and promises the best opportunities for success.

Engin Emik and Yusuf Emik: Thinking about applicant management in the long term

The shortage of skilled workers is not a phenomenon of recent months. It has stood out in various sectors for many years. IT is undoubtedly one of them.

The problem for many companies is that they underestimate the associated dangers for their competitiveness.

They think about their applicant management far too often, far too short-term. As a result, vacancies remain unfilled for an above-average period of time. This reduces productivity on many levels, with the existing team suffering from a heavy workload. This often sets a negative spiral in motion.

Optimal ist es für Arbeitgeber im Gegensatz dazu, ihr Bewerbermanagement vorausschauend anzugehen. „So behalten wir von der SkyHire GmbH beispielsweise Top-Kräfte langfristig auf dem Schirm. Es kann nämlich sein, dass sie erst einige Monate nach dem Erstkontakt berufliche Veränderungen anstreben. Hier gilt es am Ball zu bleiben, um für die besten Bewerber der Branche attraktiv zu sein“, berichten Engin Emik und Yusuf Emik.


Warum die Zusammenarbeiten mit erfahrenen Experten so dringlich ist

Jedoch stellt diese langfristige Vorgehensweise für Betriebe eine zusätzliche Herausforderung dar. Auch aus diesem Grund lohnt sich für Unternehmen, eine Zusammenarbeit mit externen Profis wie Engin Emik und Yusuf Emik als Personalvermittler. Zusätzlich steht eines fest: Wer beispielsweise Entwickler oder Ingenieure sucht, kann niemanden einstellen, der eine lange Einarbeitungszeit benötigt. Die Kandidaten müssen damit sofort flexibel einsetzbar sein. Ebendiese Fachkräfte zu finden, ist für die meisten Unternehmer schier unmöglich und erfordert die Hand eines erfahrenen Personalvermittlers wie der SkyHire GmbH. “We only present our customers with top candidates who will advance their company,” says Yusuf Emik. For this purpose, the experts carry out a candidate qualification, which takes place in a kind of interview. In this way, Engin Emik and Yusuf Emik find out everything they need to know in order to either allocate the candidates to a suitable position or to continue their search. The results speak for themselves.

If a  company  wants to continue to provide suitable personnel in the future in order to position itself for the future, it is therefore a good idea to have an experienced recruitment agency like SkyHire GmbH at your side. In the long run, this makes a significant difference in terms of competitiveness. Although the shortage of skilled workers remains real, it is no longer a problem in one’s own company.

Publisher Link: https://www.unternehmerjournal.de/engin-emik-und-yusuf-emik-skyhire-gmbh-portrait/

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