Yusuf Emik and Engin Emik: How SkyHire GmbH brings IT specialists into companies

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Many companies are currently having great difficulties finding suitable specialists for the IT sector. Software developers are in urgent demand everywhere. Engin and Yusuf Emik are managing directors of SkyHire GmbH and, as experts for personnel recruitment, are very familiar with the industry. In our interview, they explain how SkyHire GmbH manages to bring the right specialists into the company, why the application processes absolutely have to be optimized and why you can no longer achieve your goals without a network. 

According to a recent report by the Handelsblatt, the skills gap in the IT industry has never been as great as it is today. Already at the beginning of the year there were 96,000 unfilled positions in software developers and computer scientists. This is an increase of 12 percent compared to the previous year. Companies are currently facing enormous problems. But how will the situation develop in the coming years? „The shortage of skilled workers is a reality,“ say Engin Emik and Yusuf Emik from SkyHire GmbH.„The IT industry is particularly affected and that will not change anytime soon because the need for skilled workers will continue to increase in the years to come.“ The expert at SkyHire GmbH knows the challenges that the industry is currently bringing and advises companies that want to be well positioned for the future to leave the search for suitable employees to a professional service provider who is familiar with the specific conditions of the industry. In addition, the external presentation of the company must also be worked on.

SkyHire GmbH was founded by Engin Emik and his brother Yusuf Emik to provide companies with IT specialists. Today, SkyHire GmbH also finds specialists for the areas of engineering, finance and sales and marketing. The team around Engin and Yusuf Emik searches for candidates according to the exact requirements of their customers. A large talent pool makes it possible to match the right specialists with the right companies. 

Engin Emik and Yusuf Emik from SkyHire GmbH in an interview with us! 

Welcome to GEWINNERmagazine, Engin Emik and Yusuf Emik! Specialists are urgently needed in all sectors. Who do you support with the search with SkyHire GmbH? Who is your target group? 

With SkyHire GmbH we operate personnel placement 2.0. We have specialized in the IT industry, but now also cover the areas of engineering, finance and sales and marketing. SkyHire GmbH supports its customers in finding the right employees or the right position. On the one hand, we work for the companies and, on the other hand, find the right position for the specialists. We declare war on the shortage of skilled workers. 

„We see ourselves as job brokers for specialists,“ explain Engin Emik and Yusuf Emik from SkyHire GmbH.


Our target group ranges from large DAX corporations to medium-sized companies. Our 15-person team at SkyHire GmbH now looks after more than 450 customers. 

SkyHire GmbH also works for employees. What can you do for the professionals? 

We see ourselves as job brokers for specialists. It is about attractive and unpublished offers. If someone is interested in a position, we accompany them through the entire application process. We also help to optimize the application documents and advise on career prospects.

„Since we work for both sides, there are of course numerous additional possibilities. This is good for the companies, the specialists and also for us – a win-win-win situation.”

What methods do you use to recruit employees at SkyHire GmbH? 

We have different methods with which we reach our goal. On the one hand, we advertise on social networks, with a particular focus on Xing and LinkedIn. However, we also approach candidates proactively and have now built up a network of specialists that we can use to fill specific positions. 

Engin Emik: Why companies should rely on a professional when looking for specialists 

Why do companies need your support in recruiting employees? Is it the lack of skilled workers or do they lack the right method? 

It is primarily due to the shortage of skilled workers. It really exists, it is not an invention of the human resources industry. Some companies are looking for employees for specific processes and they can train them everything they need to do. But if you are looking for developers or engineers, you need someone with a certain background and the appropriate professional experience. He must have the ability to implement his expertise immediately in the company. A graduate who comes directly from the university cannot do that. He needs a long training phase and must first gain experience. Our customers would prefer specialists who not only have professional experience, but also have industry experience. However, this is hardly possible under the current conditions. It’s a luxuryHowever, you always get top candidates from SkyHire GmbH who will bring your company forward. 

The customers of Engin Emik and Yusuf Emik and SkyHire GmbH receive initial feedback after just one week.

For this purpose, we carry out a candidate qualification. This is a kind of interview that deals with the professional as well as the personal suitability of the candidate for the specific position. If we consider a candidate to be suitable, we pass on the key data together with the CV and certificates to our client. There is also a letter of recommendation in which we explain why we are recommending the candidate for an interview. Our customers of SkyHire GmbH basically trust in our skills  and therefore have an initial conversation with the specialist, which nowadays actually always takes place in the form of a video call. 

This is how the communication between SkyHire GmbH and its customers works 

How long does this process take? When can your customers expect the first candidates? 

We don’t have a crystal ball with which to look into the future and of course we don’t make any dubious statements. So our customers will not hear from us: “We will find X candidates in X days.” But what we promise is that within seven days we have analyzed the entire market in the region, placed advertising and contacted the first candidates . After a week, our customer from SkyHire GmbH always gets feedback. Either we already have a candidate or we give him a market analysis and make transparent what we have done so far. Of course, we also explain what the next steps are. 

“It can happen, for example, that we very quickly find a perfect candidate who is not interested at the moment. Now things could look different again in six months.”

Our process is structured in such a way that we do not lose sight of them, but instead ask at certain intervals whether their situation has changed. It’s easy to find a new boss who you don’t get along with, or suddenly there’s a lot of overtime. We calculate such changes and stay on the ball. In this way we build up a talent pool that we can fall back on again and again. In the personal sphere everything rarely stays the same. You get to know a new partner and so you have to move. Suddenly jobs in Munich are interesting for the skilled worker. Such cases are rare, but do occur. That’s why we keep in touch with people. 

So SkyHire GmbH works throughout Germany?

The two of us started in North Rhine-Westphalia. Today, SkyHire GmbH has an excellent team and works throughout Germany. Our customers actually come from all regions of the country and of course our talent pool reflects this, so that we are well positioned everywhere. 

Yusuf Emik and Engin Emik attach great importance to transparency in their work with SkyHire GmbH.


Yusuf Emik on reservations about the human resources industry Do your customers sometimes express reservations when they are not quite sure whether they should decide to work with SkyHire GmbH? 

Basically not towards us. However, there are certainly reservations that relate to the personnel industry as a whole: „They are only out for commissions“ or „They are not looking for suitable candidates, they are adapting CVs.“ Such prejudices exist, but anyone who works with a professional personnel service provider notices them very quickly that there is much more behind it. It takes a mixture of knowledge, intuition and a great deal of patience to solve the tasks at hand. The SkyHire GmbH team has this mix and we solve the tasks even under the difficult conditions of today. 

How can a company recognize a dubious personnel service provider? 

At first glance this is certainly not easy. In any case, it is unprofessional if no regular feedback is given. At SkyHire GmbH, we attach great importance to our customers knowing exactly where we are. The next point is specialization: you can’t help everyone. Personnel service providers who are active in all industries will not achieve much. We have an in-house specialist for every niche we serve. This goes so far that we have divided the IT area several times.

„The search for specialists requires specialist knowledge.“

Then there are personnel service providers who charge a fixed monthly fee. So they have to be paid even if they don’t find a single candidate. On the other hand, we say very clearly that we cannot give any guarantees given the current situation on the labor market. Our fee is therefore success-based. We want fair cooperation with our customers. However, the rule is that we present suitable specialists very quickly. 

How SkyHire GmbH was founded 

SkyHire GmbH has been around for several years. How did the company come about? 

I founded SkyHire GmbH together with my brother Yusuf. We both come from mechanical engineering and completed our master’s degree in Düsseldorf. I initially worked in the personnel services industry, but soon realized that the approach there did not meet my expectations. That’s why I wanted to set up my own recruitment agency and asked my brother if he would dare to take the step with me. He agreed enthusiastically and so we went to the start. My brother worked in project management and consulting for a long time, including for a major corporation. Hence his extensive expertise. In addition to my work in human resources, I have also been able to gain a lot of experience in sales. 

Yusuf Emik and Engin Emik founded SkyHire GmbH in the middle of the Corona crisis.


We founded SkyHire GmbH in the middle of the Corona crisis and many advised against it because the timing did not seem good to them. Nevertheless, we decided to go our own way. However, the early days were very tough. We had no customers in the first three months. We definitely didn’t want to give up, but I’d be lying if I said we didn’t struggle with doubts. Eventually, however, the tide turned. A company from the metal industry gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves. We concentrated fully on the task and worked 15 to 17 hours a day. In the end, we quickly found five developers for our client, all of whom could be hired. That was the starting signal for SkyHire GmbH. 

Yusuf Emik: Results to remember

How do the results of SkyHire GmbH look otherwise? Can you explain this using the example of one or more customers? 

A good example is a customer in the renewable energy sector. The company offers future-oriented products. You want to advance the energy transition. Eight software developers with very specific requirements were sought. We filled the positions within four months. In view of the great shortage of such specialists, this is an extremely short time. The company was very satisfied with our work. You have remained our customer to this day. 

Another SkyHire GmbH customer comes from the IoT sector, ie the Internet of Things. They were urgently looking for six Java developers. Their own efforts did not lead to the goal. They had practically no applications. In addition, they were severely disappointed in working with other recruiters. At that time, we were already able to draw on our extensive talent pool.

“The right specialists were quickly found. The whole thing took barely three months.” 

Do you intend long-term cooperation with your customers? 

Absolutely. Of course, long-term cooperation has many advantages. We already know the company and its requirements and can search for suitable candidates in an even more targeted manner. Incidentally, we recommend that our customers of SkyHire GmbH not work with several recruiters. It looks very unprofessional when six or seven agents advertise the same vacancy. Potential candidates then quickly get the impression that the company is searching desperately. Of course, it is important for a company to test several personnel service providers. But afterwards you should choose the best one and let it solve the problems in the long run. 

Engin Emik: How companies make themselves interesting for skilled workers 

What can a company do to be particularly attractive to the candidates it is looking for? 

Building an employer brand is incredibly important. Most companies don’t care enough about their public image. For example, many candidates look at employer ratings on the Internet. If a company appears mediocre there, it has a bad hand. It is a clear exclusion criterion. In addition, the candidates would like to learn something about the corporate culture. We therefore advise our customers to open up to the outside world and allow them an insight into the company. Videos in which the employees say they are best suited for this. An IT manager or a developer could tell how things are going in the company and maybe also talk about the projects. 

What does the application process look like in the company? Let’s say SkyHire GmbH presents a candidate. What happens next? 

This differs a little from company to company. However, the time factor plays a decisive role for everyone. When we propose a candidate, it shouldn’t take more than three working days for the company to get back to them. It would be ideal if the matter could be completed within 24 hours. The appointment for the interview should also be fixed as soon as possible. If the process is very slow, the candidate gets the impression of a lack of appreciation. In addition, other companies may not be so hesitant. 

„We find time and time again that in many companies there are no clear processes for hiring employees.“

If I ask: „When is the appointment for the interview?“ I get the answer: „It’s not that easy. Various bodies have to agree and then find a point in time when everyone can.“ That is of course problematic.It is essential that meaningful processes are introduced that specify a tangible time frame.Otherwise a company cannot win the battle for the best specialists. 

Engin and Yusuf Emik: The vision of SkyHire GmbH 

What is SkyHire GmbH planning for the near future? Is there a vision you are working towards? 

For the near future, SkyHire GmbH is planning to find candidates in the area of ​​​​freelancing and temporary employment. There is a high demand there. Our customers keep asking us about this topic. Otherwise, we will continue to grow in order to support even more  companies  in their search for suitable employees. It’s a shame when great companies are forced to close down due to a shortage of skilled workers. In addition, we want to help the specialists to find not just a job, but real prospects. For such people, it is quite simply about their dream job. 

We believe in a future where people may be different than yesterday, but still enjoy working. Everyone has their strengths. We use them where they are needed.

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